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Fuel - saving methods for diesel generators
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Fuel - saving methods for diesel generators:

(1) Use of fuel-efficient cigarette lighter. The fuel-saving smoke stabilizer fixed in the front of the fuel injection pump, connected to the DC power supply. Used in diesel generator sets, smoke reduction significantly. Not only reduce environmental pollution, but also save about 5% fuel.

(2) Install the inertia supercharger. Installed on the inertia supercharger on generator, the general can increase the power of 15%, fuel consumption decreased by 3% to 5%.

(3) dressing the toilet paper on the filter. In the diesel generator oil filter dressing 2 to 3 layers of absorbent paper, can improve oil cleanliness and reduce fuel consumption.

(4) The installation of foam air filter. Air filter two layers of filter, add a layer of breathable good performance 8 ~ 20mm thick foam, can improve the filter effect, keep the normal combustion of oil to reduce fuel consumption.

(5) Return oil pipe diversion. The diesel engine return pipe connected to the high-pressure tubing, so that oil into the low-pressure oil, to ensure normal combustion, fuel efficiency is very significant.

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