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Oil filter installation and maintenance precautions
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Oil filter installation and maintenance precautions

Oil filter in the use of diesel generators if not timely maintenance, filter plug, oil pressure increase, safety valve open, lubricating oil directly into the main oil channel, will aggravate the lubrication surface wear, affecting the use of diesel generator set life. Therefore, the oil filter for every 180-200 hours, it is necessary to clean 1 times, found damaged, should be replaced immediately to prevent impurities into the lubrication surface.

Generator sets of seasonal use, but also to clean the crankcase and the lubrication of the surface, the method is to use oil, kerosene and diesel mixture for washing oil, after the oil release to add washing oil after cleaning, then, the diesel generator set low-speed operation of 3-5 minutes, and then put the washing oil, add new oil.
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